Sourcebook of sports based solutions by ‘AMELIA Project’

The good practices sourcebook is a compilation of solutions collected by AMELIA members and chosen as urban tactics of great value to the communities they serve. These placemaking tactics are published as a database to inspire cities and other stakeholders to implement tactics for sport, play and physical activity but are not projects undertaken by AMELIA members. In each of the attached factsheets the information comes form different sources reviewed by consortium and linked to their respective sources with their respective image rights.

© Iwan Baan

Superkilen in Copenhagen is a pivotal example of the value of placemaking for the health of people and for promoting activelifestyles in cities, thanks to a strategic participatory process.

Design and Photo by Kragh-Berglund

Kragh-Berglund has been responsible for the transformation of an
abandoned soccer field into an activity park for unorganized sports
and activities. 

Photo by Kragh-Berglund

Located at Svenskelejren 18, Copenhagen, Denmark, this long-term action involves a sport-based solution implemented in a school setting.

Photo by Robin Hayes

In collaboration with a focus group of girls living in Stockholm’s Bredäng suburb, Nivå Landskapsarkitektur has developed a park for spontaneous dance, play and free sports.

© Photo by Alexandra Timpau

The reactivation of the public spaces of the former Jirásek military barracks represents a major extension of the public space of the town southwest of the historical center of Vysoké Mýto.

Photo by Simon Wood

Paperbark Play Space, in the historic Gardens Precinct of Parramatta Park is a new all-inclusive play space designed for Greater Sydney Parklands and funded by the NSW Governments Everyone Can Play Program.

Design and Photo by by TEAMER INT’ L

The Starlink Community Park was designed in accordance with the
principles of sustainable development.

Design and Photos by by HKS Architects

Formerly a decommissioned racetrack in Inglewood, California, a city anxiously in need of neighborhood parks in the southwest of Los Angeles County, SoFi Stadium and Lake Park are the anchors of Hollywood Park, a new 298-acre mixed use sports and entertainment district.

Design and Photos by Vatman Studio, Archo-groups | Kvadr Group

In the courtyard of a residential district on Zelenа Street in Lviv, the mood of wild thickets and urban design of landscaping elements are combined.

Design and Photos by Gelfand Partners Architects

The rehabilitation of Ping Yuen Public Housing extends the
development’s viability and upgrades residents’ quality-of-life,
retrieving the promise of “gardens for everyone.”

Design and Photos by Nanjing Forestry University College of Landscape Architecture

Gardening represents an active approach to healthy lifestyles. The roof garden of the main teaching building of Nanjing Zhiyuan Foreign Language School has a total area of 1300 square meters, of which the planting area is 820 square meters.

Photos by Navid Atrvash, Ali Ahmadpour, Mehdi Ghoraishi, Maziar Fathi

The health route was built on a three-kilometer stretch parallel to the
Dry River by the gardens of Qasr al-Dasht in Shiraz. After constructing
the subway line along the dry river, the site had become a place for
construction waste depots.

Design by studio KLAR Photo by BoysPlayNice

How to create quality public space responding to the requirements of the Strategic Plan of the Region of Moravia-Slesia? By combining practicality and beauty in an architectural structure benefiting users.

Design by Akçadağ Municipality Rural Development Presidency Photo by Ahmed Dalci

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Malatya, Turkey, Levent Valley stands as a testament to 65 million years of geological evolution.

Photo and Design by Latitude Nord- Gilles Vexlard and Laurence Vacherot

Until 1992, Munich-Riem was where airplanes took off and landed.
Moving the airport to the Erdinger Moos made it possible to realise the municipal council’s courageous decision to build a suburb named after the new trade fair: Messestadt Riem.

Design by 100architects (Shanghai)

Designed by 100architects, Horse Land is a sport and play area merged in a colourful horse-shaped landscape.
It is a public space project comprising a combination of landscape design and different outdoor play and sport facilities …

by Parkour Visions and Marathon Surfaces & IBI Group

Built from welded steel and beautiful yellow cedar timbers, the Centennial parkour park pays homage to the City of Fort St. John’s history along the Peace river with its design of two forts bridging a “river” created by the rubber play surfacing.

By Juan Luis Rivas Navarro and Belén Bravo Rodríguez

The Children’s Playground at the CEIP Sierra Nevada Public School may seem like a routine investment, made by the regional government, to improve or maintain its facilities.

Design by Kragh-Berglund

”The strength of the project lies in this flexibility, and the possibility
for new kinds of sport and culture to unfold or to emerge.”

Photo by

Worldwide high rate of physical inactivity and various chronic significant increase in death rates by paving the way for diseases makes inactivity/sedentary lifestyle a global problem.

Design by Dutch architects Carve and Omgeving photo by BenoitMeeus

The intervention sets up as a new large-scale landmark, which through
its playful character, also reflects the small scale tailored to a child.

Photo from the web

Takashimaya, Nihonbashi,Tōkyō; Tokyo Ministry of Defense roof and others: due to the destruction of much of the territory (after the Second World war) the only place available for demonstrations were the roofs of some buildings or the roof of the department stores.

Photo by ©Novembre 2016 tutta mia la città

In 2016, a Playmaking initiative took place in Rosarno, Reggio Calabria, Italy, led by Studio Superfluo in collaboration with urban planners from Collectif Etc and the design studio Detto Fatto Lab.

Photo by Andrea Cherchi- Getsu Kasumi

The Biblioteca degli Alberi (the Trees library) park in Milan is an urban redevelopment project that serves as a green lung in the north area of the city. It acts as a strategic connection between previously isolated neighborhoods and promotes urban development.

Photo by demoiselle2femme

This new playground is located near the intersection of 103rd and Wentworth Avenue on Chicago’s Far South Side and it used to be a vacant, trash-strewn lot nestled in between two storefront churches.

Photo by
Designer/s: Talamacà, A sustained Spin off enterprise of the University of Sassari

A participatory path for the ‘regain’ of the space of the schoolyard of
the primary school of the IC Monte Rosello Alto, in Sassari.

Back in 2011, a group of families, inspired by Stefano Benni’s captivating book «La Compagnia dei Celestini,» envisioned transforming an abandoned space into a hub for neighborhood residents of all ages, fostering sociability, well-being, and personal growth.

Current research demonstrates that a majority of Swedish children and youth do not engage in enough daily physical activity; this problem is most pronounced…

Among the centrality of the town of
Lousada you can discover unique natures. The natural amphitheatres tamed by human…

Part of the EU community initiative URBAN (1997-2001), funding approx. 5.4
million euros (including the following 3 initiatives: Conversion and development…

Undulating and flat route, the Ecopista follows the deactivated Tâmega Line and also allows you to see and use the excellence of the railway works of art…

Outdoor fitness equipment, especially for children’s parks, is placed in parks by
municipalities so that families with children…

Part of the EU community initiative URBAN (1997-2001), funding approx. 5.4
million euros (including the following 3 initiatives: Conversion and development…

It represents one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe; a green lung in the area north of Milan that also plays a strategic role of connection between different neighborhoods…

The Urban Park Dr. Mário Fonseca was
implanted in the space of the old football field of the Sports Association of Lousada.

The design is based on the distinctively intimate feeling of the campus to encourage a ‘fertile soil’ for the exchange of ideas, socialization, imagination…

The official public amount is 1.2 million euro(according to the preliminary
agreement between Krasna Polyana Municipality and the contractor)…

The construction of the skate-park was a part of the Integrated project for renovation of significant spaces in town of Burgas

Women and girls face great inequality of opportunity in almost every aspect of life. From education to business life, women have great difficulties in accessing equal…

Levent Valley is a geological natural wonder dating back 65 million years. There is a glass terrace where the Canyon can be viewed…

The construction of the skate-park was a part of the Integrated project for renovation of significant spaces in town of Burgas