Second Multiplier Event in Lousada, portugal: "Online Session regarding Sport and Local Sports Activities: the Road to Sustainability"

Engagement and online presentations

The online session was based on the reuse of green spaces for sports. The presentation explored the framework of EU and national sports policies in the area of sport in public spaces.

Lousada illustrated how sport can be effectively integrated into urban policies, improving residents’ quality of life. Practical advice and visual examples of sport-based urban regeneration solutions were shared, highlighting the aesthetic and ethical considerations of such interventions. Included in this presentation was a good practice that the Municipality has adopted in several parks in Lousada, with sports infrastructure and the use of an APP.

Building alliances and future steps

One of the main outcomes of the online session was the emphasis on creating alliances between various actors to promote sports-based urban regeneration. The Join Position Paper and AMELIA Manifesto, as the main outcomes of the project were discussed in this context, underlining the need for collaborative efforts to promote significant changes in urban environments.

Participation and interest

The workshop was attended by sports leaders, teachers and coaches.

The session, as it was online, was attended by various stakeholders from all over the country. The high level of involvement and the diverse backgrounds of the participants underlined the broad interest in developing and implementing sports-based solutions for urban regeneration.

Follow-up and synergies

As part of the cycle of training courses in the field of sport, the AMELIA project was included, which aims to build on the momentum generated by the event by promoting ongoing collaborations and further exploring sports-based solutions. Participants expressed great interest in developing synergies and deepening debates on integrating sport into urban policies and infrastructure projects.