This document was born as an in-depth tool of Amelia’s research phase that first of all asks:
how much does the structure of a city affect the involvement of its inhabitants in a healthy
lifestyle? The answer for us is absolutely obvious: A lot!

D2.1 Sourcebook of Sport-Based Solutions Collection of 101 GOOD PRACTICES

The report serves as a sourcebook that aims to provide valuable information and inspire readers by sharing good practices and relevant sources.
The intention behind this approach is to disseminate information and offer inspiration to urban planners, policy makers, and local communities.
The good practices highlighted in the sourcebook are specifically focused on sport-based solutions. These solutions are intended to encourage the development of strategies and initiatives that utilize sport and play as key elements.


This document aims to conceptualize the basic needs for establishing a new
Transnational Aesthetic Movement to improve sporting lifestyles and inclusive active public spaces, in coherence with the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative, which sees physical activity as an important contribution to personal and community well-being. It also explains the importance of combining aesthetics with a multifunctional approach to public spaces for a healthy and active lifestyle.
City leaders, planners, architects, sports clubs, sports federations, civic and youth organisations took part in this transnational network to share practices, propose ideas, and pilot test sport-based solutions and to advance inclusive placemaking and the active regeneration of public spaces for community health.