AMELIA is a project co-funded by the EU, the european countries participating in this movement are:


AICCRE VENICE - Associazione Italiana per il Consiglio dei Comuni e delle Regioni d’Europa - Federazione Veneto.

The Italian Association for the Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe – the Veneto Regional Federation – is AICCRE VENICE and is the federal association of the territorial institutional subjects of the Veneto making up the system of regional and local powers, however denominated at national level ( such as Municipalities, Provinces, Cities, metropolitan areas and Regions, and their aggregations) and of the other subjects in which the system is organized (Mountain Unions, Mountain Communities, Island Communities, Unions of Municipalities, etc.), and anything else defined in constitutional level and by the legislation on the organization of local authorities, together with which it works in a unified way for the construction of a federal European Union, based on the recognition, strengthening and enhancement of regional and local autonomies, through their representation in supranational bodies .

AICCRE VENICE is a non-profit association and is based in Venice. AICCRE VENICE also works in coordination with National, European and international institutions for issues concerning local and regional authorities. AICCRE VENICE pursues the following aims: a) represents and sponsors the local and territorial bodies of the Veneto in European and international fora; b) coordinates and contributes at regional level to documents and actions promoted by the relevant European and world sections; c) encourages and guarantees the political and technical training of administrators and officials of the public administration; d) prepares political and technical proposals on international issues; e) guarantees services in the field of euro-planning; f) organize international events and activities; g) promotes, participates in and coordinates international projects; h) develops study and research activities linked to international training.

AICCRE VENICE is inspired by the federalist principles of the Manifesto for a free and united Europe (Manifesto of Ventotene, 1944) and by those contained in the European Convention of of man and fundamental freedoms (1950), in the European Charter of Local Self-Government (1985) of the Council of Europe, in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000). AICCRE VENICE promotes the adoption of the European Charter for the equality of women and men in local life (2006) of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, as well as the principles enshrined in treaties and agreements of the same nature.

AICCRE VENICE undertakes and promotes initiatives: for the development of European culture and for the construction of institutional democracy and the political unity of Europe in a federal form, on the basis of the principles of proximity, subsidiarity and interdependence; for peace, collaboration, solidarity and fraternity among peoples, also for the purpose of harmonious relations between nations, ethnic groups and religions; for the realization of equal dignity and equal opportunities among people, with particular reference to gender equality; for the pursuit of economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union and in the world; for decentralized development cooperation; to promote the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals; to promote local development at an international level also through initiatives and projects. 

AICCRE VENICE carry out studies and research on regional and local autonomies, in local, regional, national and European contexts, in order to contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of the system of regional and local authorities, through the affirmation and practice of the principle of subsidiarity, and to the growth of its role in the European supranational bodies; adopts and promotes mutual understanding initiatives, meetings, exchanges of experience and twinning between the regional and local authorities of the countries of the European Union and between these and non-EU countries, with particular reference to the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Balkans; carries out service activities to associated subjects in their relations with the Government and State administrations, in relation to European problems, and with European institutions and organisations; carries out on its own and supports the implementation, by the regional and local authorities and their unions and associations, of projects also based on forms of European partnership, within the framework of programs and initiatives of the European Union and of the Council of ‘Europe; participates in national, European and international projects consistent with the association’s statutory purposes; organizes and manages information and training activities for administrators and staff of regional and local authorities, as well as operators and professionals who express a vocation to support them, on European and international issues; organizes and manages training on internationalization and community planning of regional and local autonomies; to carry out the activities referred to in the preceding points, promotes and stipulates cooperation and partnership agreements with universities, training and research institutions, as well as third sector organisations; for the realization of the initiatives in the previous points, it can promote and enter into agreements with public and/or private entities wishing to support the activities of AICCRE VENICE in any form.

The Association develops technical relations with the analogous Sections of the other countries adhering to the CEMR/CEMR, to the UCLG, in order to strengthen and spread the European spirit in the regional and local authorities, in particular through the activation of training courses and territorial cooperation, in order to enhance the role of local autonomies in the European area and for the construction of a fair, supportive, sustainable and inclusive world.


Architecture small professional firm specialized in participation processes and in  the development and management of urban and territorial living labs promoting healthy lifestyles, placemaking, nature based solutions, sport, sustainable food systems and sustainable tourism.
For over 25 years we have been working in transnational contexts to develop both  studies and experimental actions, designing and coordinating projects co-funded  by the EU.


KEAN Actividades Alternativas

KEAN – Alternative Activities’ aims to seek ways to contribute to a more sustainable and fair world. It develops programmes related to human rights, environment, animal/human welfare, healthy habits, diversity, equality and protection of the vulnerable, among others.

KEAN ACTIVIDADES ALTERNATIVAS is supported by ‘KEAN GREECE- Cell of Alternative Activities’ a well-established association based in Athens, Greece. Since its establishment in 2004, KEAN GREECE has gained extensive experience at national as well as international level, establishing reliable partnerships and collaborations with a wide range of public and private sector organisations. In addition, the association has actively participated in national programmes, designed and monitored by national authorities.

KEAN ESPAÑA was legally constituted in 2014 and operates independently of any government. We expressly prohibit any kind of profit and have a professional and volunteer team at the service of our main objectives, which are:

First. To provide education and tools for environmental protection and awareness.

Secondly. To collaborate with other associations, communities, authorities, research centres and public bodies to facilitate dissemination and effectiveness.

Third. To create and implement educational material on diversity/culture, physical activity/healthy habits, new technologies, discrimination/bullying, violent behaviour, racism and sexism.

Fourth. To support people in vulnerable situations such as: unemployed, immigrants, people with special needs, victims of abuse or human trafficking, ex-substance abusers, etc. And thus facilitate their reintegration into society.

Fifth. To promote solidarity and active participation in the design and implementation of social programmes and actions.

Sixth. To encourage citizens to develop good practices and awareness in relation to the welfare of pets and animals in general.

Seventh. To disseminate practices of respect and empathy.



LOUSADA The council of Lousada belongs to the district of Porto and has an extension of 95 Km2. The city assumes itself as the center of the region denominated Vale do Sousa since it is situated in its geographic center. It has approximately 50.000 inhabitants that are distributed within the 25 parishes of Lousada. The Municipality of Lousada directs its action to achieve a sustainable development, to promote and boost the council at economic, social, environmental and cultural level, optimizing the use of available resources and striving for a public administration capable of responding to the growth objectives of the council and the needs of its citizens. The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programs in various areas of their competence, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services. In the sports area, the Municipality of Lousada seeks to respond the following requirements: Coordinate and develop sporting activities in the Municipality, promoting the participation of associations, organizations and local communities; Support sports activities in various competitive levels, developed by official and private entities towards generalization of the sport; Organize, coordinate and ensure the success of sporting events regularly promoted by the municipality; Develop and update the Municipal Sports Letter; Ensure coordination of the group of technicians that perform the functions of curriculum enrichment activities in the area of sport and physical activity Manage and ensure the maintenance of sports facilities in the municipality , as well as promote its use by the population and under collaboration agreements with other sports institutions; Ensure the construction, preservation, maintenance and management of sports facilities in the municipality; Propose measures to promote and foster the sport in sporting activities Encourage and support sports associations To propose actions aimed nonviolent behavior and sportsmanship in competition venues of the municipality. Lousada always seeks to improve the public places to be more adapted, agreeable, and useful and with concern both with the environmental issue and in our area more open to the practice of physical activity. Our green parks in the city centre have planted equipment that can be used by the public for having their daily sport activity.   



SPELL Sport Elcileri Dernegi is a voluntary sports association. All members are working to increase the sport culture in the society, to enable people to do physical activities and to have an active lifestyle. The target group is all age groups of people. Disadvantaged and disabled people are mostly integrated in our activities. The main focus of the Association is to work in the following fields: Promoting Physical Activity and Health (namely HEPA); Social inclusion and integration through Sport; Fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyle; Outdoor education; Non-formal education; Intercultural dialogue; Human Rights, Anti-discrimination; Art, Music; Environment, Health. SPELL has been established to be active in local, national and international projects. With the help of the projects carried out, SPELL seeks to promote lifelong learning and to enhance the skills related to sports activities, a s well as promotes the integration of physical activity in every day life and in urban spaces and polices, in the work place and in the educational settings . Spell believes sport is a subject of education inclusion and health and quality of environment. SPELL aims to involve young people in particular to take part in international youth works, international educational, scientific, cultural exchange programs. SPELL works to create chances for young people to be sporty, strong, physically and mentally fit, understanding, successful and ambitious., as well as support seniors to find their way for an active aging. The Association has about 200 volunteers from the University and the number is increasing day by day. Most of the volunteers are young people aged between 15-30. But there are also different levels of educational backgrounds., including researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals in diverse fields of works and studies  



ASL (Amateur Sport Leagues) is a small non-governmental organization registered in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was established in order to promote sport and its physical, social and psychological benefits. The other main goal of the organization is to foster better physical condition and healthy lifestyle to its members and other young people in Bulgaria. The focus of the organization doesn’t fall upon a single sport as it tries to enhance all kinds of activities able to provide positive benefits – no matter indoor or outdoor, winter or summer sports. The organization manages events on a regular basis providing opportunities for people of all kinds of origins, age and nationality get together to play sports at amateur level (with pool, snooker, table tennis and darts tournaments organized almost every week). With constantly growing membership base, ASL strives to widen its events calendar and create more opportunities for building evolved grassroots communities through sport. A huge part of the organization’s members are active youths. ASL’s activities and events also  open a lot of entrepreneurship opportunities in the sports area where young people could start their career development or gain valuable experience in order to apply and get their first jobs. Hence, ASL widely supports and works in the area of entrepreneurship as well. ASL is devoted to organizing diverse sport and youth events and tournaments opened to everyone interested. The organization has registered over 1000 active participants with diverse social, ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds. All that has created a fruitful platform for integrating and uniting people through sport and promoting enhanced culture of tolerance and prevention of violence and extremism. Moreover, the ASL project team consist of university lecturers, whose expertise is tightly connected with cultural and social geography, therefore with topics related to intercultural relations, ethnic and religious conflicts, conflict management, etc. Thus, ASL team is capable of identifying and explaining the roots of violence, extremism and their related forms, assessing its negative impacts, as well as developing models and tools that could transform the processes. In the staff we find researchers and professsors of the University of Sofia DPT geography and social geography, spatial planning