Orienteering – an event for promoting eco-friendly physical activity

An event for promoting eco-friendly physical activity among children in Turkey after the earthquake

After the disaster caused by the earthquake in Turkey and the need to reconvert public spaces into improvised accommodation, the SPELL association thought it was vitally important to give the children back some much needed normality and give them the opportunity to do physical activity in the open air and enjoy a day of fun activities under the precepts of the AMELIA project. 

Ahmet, president of the SPELL and one of the organisers talks about the characteristics of the activities and the difficulties of holding an event in an area with little tradition of sport and physical exercise and which has recently been hit by a natural disaster of such magnitude: – We had to take measures to make the park and garden areas for physical activity using minimum materials. We thought this was the best way to do it. 

Orienteering is a sport that can be done together with nature and leaves only footprints in nature. Orienteering (Orienteering or Navigating) is a great sport suitable for everyone from 7 to 70 years old, you can do alone, in a group or with your family and children, add color to your weekend, and train both physically and mentally while mingling with nature or the city. It is a suitable sport for everyone to play comfortably and easily in parks and gardens