First of AMELIA's multiplier event in Türkiye

Within the scope of the AMELİA project, a cycling event was held in a 10-km area with the participation of 80 people.

The first of AMELIA’s multiplier events in Turkiye was held in June at the University, on the bicycle track created by SPELL for the event, at the İnönü University Campus in Malatya.

Vacant and undamaged lands were chosen for the purpose of renewing abandoned or difficult seismic areas (for example, unsafe places damaged after earthquakes) and revitalizing cities. Local activities are important so that children can engage with nature and develop new habits of exercising in green areas for a more sustainable future.

1. Learning Eco-Friendly Behaviors: Children adopted an eco-friendly form of transportation by cycling.

2. Promoting Active Lifestyle: Cycling encourages children to be physically active. This reduces the risk of obesity, improves heart health, increases muscle strength and enhances overall health and wellbeing.

3. Learning Traffic Rules and Safe Driving Behaviors: Cycling offers children the

opportunity to learn traffic rules and develop safe driving behaviors. This will help them travel safely when they interact with motor vehicles in the future.

4. Increased Self-Confidence: Cycling improves children’s motor skills and increases their self-confidence. By achieving something on their own, they increase their overall self-confidence and this helps them trust their own abilities.

5. Strengthening Social Ties: Cycling offered an enjoyable activity where children could spend time with friends and family.

6. Strengthening the Connection with Nature: Cycling allows children to have more contact with nature and better understand their environment and become nature-sensitive individuals.