Event for Municipal Children’s Day in Lousada, Portugal

The Pilot Event was part of one of the annual events organised by the Municipality of Lousada: the Municipal Children’s Day. In order to organise this event, which is the responsibility of the Sports, Education and Communication Department, the day, place and time of the event were first planned, as well as the potential activities to be developed. With regard to the venue selected, the Largo da Feira, an open-air area that serves as a venue for the municipality’s monthly fairs and also as a car park, is a large place with trees that, in itself, is nothing like a suitable place for sports. However, given the scope of this project, we want to show that all it takes is imagination and creativity to turn an ordinary space into a great place to exercise.

With regard to the activities promoted, sports activities were selected that are accessible to all children and young people, such as athletics and cycling, but also swimming (since the Municipal Swimming Pools are just across the road from Largo da Feira), and other less-sport-related activities that nevertheless promote physical activity, such as go-karts, boats and inflatables. The activities were organised with the collaboration and support of the primary school curriculum enrichment teachers and local sports clubs.

This event seeks to reuse urban spaces for different purposes and also accessible to all, not only in physical terms (for people with disabilities), but also in socio-economic terms allowing the entire population to enjoy this event and the activities that will be held.


Venue: Lousada (Market Square)



  • Parents and Children Bike Ride, organised by Clube Lousada BTT
  • Swimming pool, organised by Lousada Sec. XXI


  • AECS workshops
  • Mandarin
  • Face painting
  • Puppet making
  • Inflatables
  • Chinese knot-tying
  • Paper cutting
  • Chess
  • Bicycle
  • Karts
  • Musical performances with the 1st cycle students
  • Musical «Tuishi Pamoja», presented by the Vale do Sousa Conservatory



  • Municipality of Lousada Lousada Mountain
  • Bike Club Lousada Século XXI
  • Group of teachers from the Curricular Enrichment classes (physical activity and sports, school cycling, chess, music, recreational-expressive activities and dramatic expression, Mandarin)




  • Child and Youth Protection Commission (CPCJ)
  • Lousada Centro School Group Lousada
  • East School Group
  • Lousada West School
  • Group Lousada
  • North School Group Portuguese
  • Rugby Federation
  • AnimaSport
  • Oficina do Empenado
  • Vale do Sousa Conservatory
  • Lousada Animal Association
  • Lousada Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Confucius Institute University of Minho