AMELIA’s PILOT ACTION in Malatya, Türkiye (Orienteering for a sustainable environment)

  • Who were the organisers and co-organisers involved in the pilot action?
  • SPOR ELÇİLERİ DERNEĞİSPELL was founded in 2018. It is a voluntary sports association. All members are volunteers working to increase the sports culture in the society, to enable people to do physical activities and to have an active lifestyle. The target group is all age groups of people. Disadvantaged and disabled people are mostly integrated in our activities.
  • Co-organisers
  • Inonu University
  • Malatya Metropolitan Municipality
  • Malatya Directorate of National Education
  • Turgut Ozal University
  • Battalgazi Municipality.
  • Hayriye basdemir secondary school
  • Bulgurlu secondary school
  • Fırıncı secondary school
  • Bulgurlu primary school
  • What are the general ideas and concepts standing behind your planned pilot actions?

After the last earthquake the parks and gardens damaged by the disaster in our city were completely emptied and used as accommodation. We had to take measures to create new areas for physical activity using minimum materials. We thought this was the best way to do it. orienteering is a sport that can be practiced in the nature and leaves only footprints. Orienteering (Orienteering or Navigating) is a great sport suitable for everyone from 7 to 70 years old, you can do it alone, in a group or with your family, and train both physically and mentally while engaging with nature.

Empty and undamaged lands were preferred for regeneration of seismic areas that were abandoned or facing difficulties (for example, lands damaged after an earthquake), revitalizing cities and developing green infrastructure. Local activities are important for children to use nature correctly and to create spaces for new sports activities. Activities to be carried out in the natural environment without harming the nature are important for a sustainable future. The orienteering education activity has facilitated for children to discover new places, get to know nature and contribute to less carbon footprint.

The fact that our country is located in an earthquake zone and suffers great damage especially from earthquakes makes it crucial for local organizations and entities to intervene.

Gaining individual physical and psychological health, Individuals achieving spiritual peace and happiness, providing emotional satisfaction, making destinations more attractive, ensuring environmental sustainability, being stronger by supporting, developing technologies, being able to provide an infrastructure, economic benefits by strengthening communication with local people and ensuring social sustainability,  connecting local people to environmental sustainability awareness were some of the goals of this event.

  • What activities were implemented?

9.30-10.00 orienteering introduction

10:00:-10 :30  Getting to know each other and working on concepts such as location-direction, symbol, numbers

10:30 -11:00 Creating a track

11:00-11-30  Types of Orienteering Run Racing

11:30 -12:00  Map Training and recognizing symbols on the map

12:00-12:30 I get to know my environment and nature through orienteering

12:30-13:00 Development of location and direction skills.

13:-15:30    Starting orienteering competitions and allowing children to experiment with nature.

  • What were the main results and  outcomes of the pilot action?

Thanks to the Amelia project event, we had the opportunity to cooperate with stakeholder institutions, municipalities, universities and schools.

Thanks to social networks and sports events visited by indirect participants, partners and SPELL the project has become more recognizable. Citizens, relevant public institutions and organizations, especially those who participate in all kinds of sports activities and sports organizations,expressed their praise for the project. This showed their interest in the project and the quality of the project.

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