In September 2023, the AMELIA pilot action was organised in Italy, more specifically in the Trebbo park. The event combined cultural and sporting activities and demonstrated the great success of adapting spaces, such as parks in this case, for the implementation of activities that improve the health and well-being of citizens. Its organisers give us more details about the event, its creation process and the keys to its success.


  • Who were the organisers and co-organisers involved in the pilot action?

Municipality of Castel Maggiore

Castel Maggiore is an Italian town of 18,515 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, located about nine kilometers north of the historic center of the capital. It is part of the Reno Galliera Union. The first texts that speak of the existence of the Municipality, formerly called Castaniolo, date back to documents from the 10th century. The oldest building still present in the municipal area is the church (now no longer officiated) dedicated to San Biagio. Trebbo di Reno is the hamlet that takes its name from the homonymous river that crosses it and from the place where three streets meet, which in the past took the names of Triplum, then Tribium, and finally in the Middle Ages Tribblum, and from the corruption of from these names the current one of Trebbo was obtained. It is located southwest of Castel Maggiore and a few kilometers outside Porta delle Lame from the Municipality of Bologna.

The mayor’s office, the mayor, the general manager, the department of Active Citizens Participation, the urban planning department, the culture department and the sports department took part in the initiative with their contact persons. The press office of the Municipality took care of the promotion.

Proloco Castel Maggiore 

In the Italian regions, the Pro Loco are tourist entities recognized by the regional law, which assigns them the tasks of:

  • Enhancement of the natural, cultural and historical resources of the locality
  • Implementation of initiatives of local tourist, recreational, sporting and cultural interest
  • Other local tourism promotion activities

The functions described by the law concern the activity that it finances. Each Pro Loco can then customize its functions according to the territory in which it carries out its activities.

Local council of Trebbo di Reno On Monday 24 January 2022, in a meeting in the Council Chamber attended by 14 associations of Castel Maggiore, the project «Trebbo becomes beautiful (and sustainable) – Citizens in (fr)Action» was formally launched: it is a process of participation aimed at activating concrete ideas and actions to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the village.

The project, promoted by the Department of Participation, enjoys the support of the Emilia – Romagna Region which has allocated 15,000 euros as part of the measures envisaged by regional law n. 15/2018. The Mayor Belinda Gottardi explained that «it is a path with which we intend to build a pilot experience of citizen participation in the planning of the city, to be extended in perspective to the whole territory», the Deputy Mayor Luca De Paoli added that » the scope of the intervention is that of the environmental and social sustainability of the hamlet, with highly feasible projects that envisage the active involvement of those who live in the area in their creation».

Progresso Calcio Femminile

Progresso Women Football was born a year ago, mainly from the need to continue the passion for this sport in three girls who already played in the red and blue colors with the boys. Not being able to continue in the mixed due to age limit, the club has committed itself through the dedicated open days, to giving the opportunity to train being close to home and in a well-established structure for those who wanted to try this sport. Also for a matter of luck (the similar age born in 2011 to 2005) and passion, in a short time the group was consolidated: from the beginning in 9 units to reach 13 by the end of the year. These numbers allowed the registration to an indoor Futsal futsal championship in Veneto because there were no teams in the area. To date, the girls have increased in number so much that there have plans to face two championships for next year. (Under 15 football 9 and Futsal football 5) From dream to reality as they say, and that this is only the beginning of a beautiful adventure in which Progresso Calcio firmly believes.

Lèggere Leggére

It is a small independent bookstore for children and teenagers in Castel Maggiore, at the gates of the «low» Bologna area, which overlooks a large sunny square. The books are carefully chosen and recommended by the booksellers, with a preference for small independent publishers and quality publishing in general. It also offers toys, the beautiful and good ones, which become children’s travel companions, letting them guide the game. And board games for the whole family. It is a place to stay, get advice or get lost among books and rediscover precious treasures, such as the time to devote to a good book or to a shared game. It is a lively place, whose many courses and workshops bring the area and the square to life.

At the inauguration of the Trebbo Park in Reno Lèggere Leggére offers readings on its «book bike», a cargo bike equipped to display books that are read to boys and girls present, to offer an experience – that of reading aloud , precisely – which too often is reduced to the school environment and is lost with the growth of the child, often very precociously; in this case it will be readings on the theme of «dragons», which is a bit the leitmotif of the party. For the older ones, the readings will be taken from some masterpieces of English-speaking fantasy literature and will take place in English and Italian.

The book Felsina Dracones by Roberto Saguatti (Plesio editions) will also be presented on that occasion, in the presence of the author. The book is an adventure between a Bologna of the present and a magical, medieval Bologna populated by dwarves, necromancers, elves and of course dragons.

L’ Associazione AEMILIA Ludica Giocano i Grandi per gli amici GiG

The AEMILIA ludica association Play the Adults (for friends GiG) has as its mission the promotion of activities related to gaming in all forms and expressions, they also want to promote intelligent gaming in all its forms (role-playing, card, board, video games , simulation, scientific), trying to prevent the pathological addiction of the game through the promotion of a healthy playful activity and aggregation. By game we also mean everything related to the imagination, forms of artistic and audiovisual expression. We also try to offer people, single or in groups, of any age, class or ethnic group, the opportunity for fun, growth, learning, reflection and/or maturation according to the abilities and possibilities available to us. They want to promote the game intended as a moment of sharing choices in a democratic and responsible way. In particular, it intends to promote situations that favor coexistence in mutual differences. This type of game responds to the principles of game theory applied to social relationships and educational and training environments.

Playful tools are developed from Game Theory, structured to promote the Win-Win logic or cooperation to succeed in an enterprise and obtain satisfactory results for all those involved. Games based on the Win-Win logic respond in an effective and original way to initiatives for inclusion and against the culture of bullying, as they favor diversity understood as wealth and not as weakness. necromancers, elves and, of course, dragons.

L’Associazione Sputnik Tom APS – Ludoteca Just Play

The Sputnik Tom APS Association – Ludoteca Just Play is an Arci-affiliated social promotion association which aims to spread aggregation and sociality through board games and role-playing games: the association’s activities are aimed at young and old , regardless of age, and range from organized to free play, from demonstrations to tournaments.

During the inauguration event of the park they provided playroom activities and in particular fantasy-themed board games, which were be made available to the participants absolutely free of charge and with explanations from our volunteers.

L’associazione Progetto Danza D.E.F.

The association Progetto Danza D.E.F. born in 2014, it has several objectives: to develop a sense of beauty, cultural and aesthetic values and identities, creativity and critical thinking; to cultivate an awareness of the cultural environment and cultural diversity in a globalized world; educate the public to appreciate art; develop the imagination, creativity and cooperation needed in a prosperous and peaceful society; subverting old canons that make dance an artistic discipline under various aspects considered elite, making it accessible to all, without neglecting the quality of the technical and psychophysical preparation of the associates. To do this, we offer a multidisciplinary preparation and direct professional training starts at accredited institutions.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Fantasy Literary Park, the association prepared choreographies of various styles by staging young people who write fantasy history with hip hop , with classical dance the Whomping Willow and finally with contemporary dance, choreographies representing Flora and Fuffi, the three-headed dog from Harry Potter.

Associazione culturale Teuta Nertobacos APS (Tribù del possente cinghiale )

Cultural Association Teuta Nertobacos APS (Tribe of the Mighty Boar ) is an association whose intent is the re-enactment of the life of a Celtic tribe, specifically the reconstruction of the people who inhabited the hilly area of Mount Tamburino between 330 and 250 BC. about. The intent is to give prestige to this historical era by reviving figures and objects of Celtic civilization. for this occasion  they all had fun together reading around the fire.

Associazione sportiva dilettantistica Ludo Sport Combat Academy (Scherma con spada luminosa)

Amateur sports association Ludo Sport Combat Academy (Fencing with light sword) is an association affiliated to the UISP (Italian Union of Sport for all), a sports promotion body which is in turn affiliated to CONI. This association has the task of teaching an innovative sporting discipline called «Fencing with luminous swords» gathering a growing number of practitioners throughout Italy and abroad.

Associazione circolo Dozza Orienteering

Dozza Orienteering club association has the task of promoting the sports activity of Orienteering. Orienteering is a competitive sport that involves using a map and compass to navigate a course that includes a series of checkpoints and controls. The aim for each participant is to find these controls (called lanterns) in the correct order and in the shortest possible time.

This sport is dynamic and can take place in a variety of environments including parks, urban areas and forests. Athletes must use their physical abilities and map-reading skills to navigate the most efficient route between checkpoints.

Laboratorio creativo a cura della Cartoleria Birba, commerciante di Trebbo di Reno.

Creative workshop organized by Cartoleria Birba, a trader in Trebbo di Reno. The owner Cristina Parazza will put her playful arts at her disposal for a creative and educational workshop carried out with «Middle Ages» themed colored sand. The young participants will be able to have fun creating drawings of castles, cauldrons, princesses and jesters and then give vent to their imagination with colored sand. All the works can be taken home by the little artists to embellish their bedroom.

Associazione culturale laboratorio TP APS

TP APS laboratory cultural association has been involved in the staging of theatrical productions and theater education for over twenty years. The show that will be presented for the inauguration of the literary park sees a single actor on stage, Luca Mazzamurro, a special edition with the One man show formula. The singer, musician and actor created a seamless role-playing game, playing all the characters of the musical «A very Potter musical». directed by CALDERARA, Francesca. Actor MAZZAMURRO Luca.


The Pol. Progresso Running Group was born 40 years ago from the idea of a group of friends united by a passion for sport, it is the desire to create a new point of reference, for fans of Castel Maggiore and not, for running and the walk in the purely «healthy» form. The G.P. is a club inserted among the many sports sections that are an integral part of the Polisportiva Progresso of Castel Maggiore.

Its main activity is to promote road racing at a competitive and amateur level, in the province of Bologna and outside the province, organizing both competitive and amateur running events, but with particular attention to charitable and solidarity initiatives. The activities are developed throughout the year with the exception of the month of August. The Running Group adheres to the Running Coordination Committee of the Province of Bologna and participates in all the walks included in the annual calendar of the same committee, is affiliated to FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation), U.I.S.P (Italian Union of Sport for all), recognizing their importance and complying with their regulations and provisions.


Happy Basket was founded by Meme Barbieri in 2019 and the shareholder Michele Mastellari has joined the corporate structure, since then he has been carrying on the history of this solid company that has always offered basketball in Castel Maggiore. The company stands out for the value of its technicians and instructors in the field. In the last 2 years it has strengthened the organizational and technical staff and makes use of coaches of national caliber of leading managers and a staff of first-class physical therapist athletic trainers together with the three doctors we use for functional recovery situations.

From this sporting year, the club has chosen to participate in championships of absolute excellence to better distinguish itself on the national territory.

Polisportiva dilettantiscica VIS Trebbo di Reno

Polisportiva Dilettantistica Vis Trebbo Volley Section is located in Trebbo di Reno Castel Maggiore and is affiliated to FIPAV. Their aim is to promote volleyball by offering courses for children and teenagers.

Polisportiva Dilettantistica Vis Trebbo Volley Section is rooted in the community of Trebbo di Reno Castel Maggiore has educated generations of athletes, accompanying them throughout the growth and maturation process typical of team sports. Their volleyball instructors are among the most experienced and qualified in the area and are certainly the most suitable for developing the talent of children who are starting to play and of young people who want to reach levels of excellence.

Sport club dilettantistico Progresso

Amateur Sports Association founded in 1919, always at the top of regional amateur football. Since the 2022/2023 season, the first team has been playing in the Campiontao Eccellenza.

Present in all categories of the football school youth sector of which:

  • Motor activity at the Infant Schools: Filippo Bassi, Cipì, Maurizia Mezzetti and Villa Salina
  • 8 categories of basic activity from motor activity / little friends age 5-6 years with SWIMMING up to BEGINNERS age 12-13 years
  • 4 categories in competitive sports from the very young Under 14s to the Under 17 students involved in provincial and regional championships
  • Juniores Under 19 category engaged in the Regional Championship


Other Partner Associations:

A.N.P.I. Sez. Castel Maggiore,

Associazione «BON DA GNINTA»,

Associazione “Cose Nuove”,

Associazione Culturale “Oltre le quinte”,

Associazione Culturale “Gli acchiappa pensieri”,

Associazione Culturale “Clorofilla”,

Associazione Gruppo Rose Rosse,

Associazione Hobbyart,

Associazione Mtrolab APS,

Associazione Scuolare,

Grand Jetè Dance Academy,

Associazione teatrali “I Grigioro”,

Auser Centro di lettura “Isola del Tesoro”.


  • What are the general ideas and concepts standing behind your planned pilot actions?

The Municipality of Castel Maggiore, whose Mayor Belinda Gottardi is the CEMR contact person of the European board Covenant of Mayors, has always developed the territory with the philosophy of contrasting climate change and the development of initiatives that educate the regeneration of public spaces from the point of view of the Green Deal and the new Bauhaus.

Castel Maggiore has been hit several times by flood phenomena: the flood of 2 February 2019 (quantified disaster 1.9 million to which must be added the damages suffered by the Municipality) and 3 May 2023 The town of Castel Maggiore, in Emilia Romagna , completely flooded after the violent flood that hit the area, causing the breaking of the banks of some rivers.

This entails the need to intervene carefully during the restoration works of the flooded areas and with the need to make them resilient. The Trebbo Park project was born just like this: to regenerate a fraction of the Municipality by creating a place that encourages citizens’ outdoor activities, developing healthy lifestyle habits. Furthermore, in the project there is the will to reach even those citizens who, being less inclined to sport, are attracted by themes such as literature, history, fiction, to frequent the park and try sport activities. The management of the park will be collective, carried out by the sports and cultural associations of the area which will be responsible for the activities promoted, under the coordination of the Municipality and the Proloco.

The object experience was also born with the idea of being subsequently replicated, with the appropriate adaptations, to other fractions of the territory, developing a model of sustainable development of small urbanized contexts that favors the active participation of the community in the decision-making processes of the institution and the collaborative implementation of sustainability actions.

The purpose of this participatory process was to identify and implement, starting from a broad involvement of citizens, informal groups, associations, voluntary organizations, educational institutions of all levels, parishes and religious bodies, commercial operators, businesses and trade unions, a set of actions to improve the village’s environmental and social sustainability, to be implemented in a collaborative manner through the participation of civil society and administration.

The Administration of Castel Maggiore has long been active in the construction of sustainable development policies which affect not only the municipal strategic plans but which also promptly involve the various components of civil society who must necessarily become protagonists of a broad ecological transition, that has to do not only with the environmental dimensions but also with the social and economic ones as framed by the UN Agenda 2030.

It is in this context that the Municipality of Castel Maggiore, also starting from the solicitations of the Consulta Frazionale, has promoted the itinerary «Trebbo becomes beautiful (and sustainable)» on the hamlet of Trebbo di Reno which in this sense, due to its size and characteristics, it particularly lends itself to becoming a laboratory for the development of a working methodology that aims to promote local sustainable development with the strong protagonism of citizens and local stakeholders.

It was also born with the idea of being subsequently replicated, with the appropriate adaptations, to other fractions of the territory, developing a model of sustainable development of small urbanized contexts that favors the active participation of the community in the decision-making processes of the institution and the collaborative implementation of sustainability actions.

The purpose of this participatory process was to identify and implement, starting from a broad involvement of citizens, informal groups, associations, voluntary organizations, educational institutions of all levels, parishes and religious bodies, commercial operators, businesses and trade unions, a set of actions to improve the village’s environmental and social sustainability, in a collaborative manner and through the participation of civil society and administration.

One of the purposes of the park is to become a place of socialization and aggregation, especially for new residents, who have no links with the territory, avoiding situations of isolation and marginalization. The development of the park has taken shaped through a participatory process that involved the inhabitants of the hamlet. The first element created was the fitness area, with the placement of equipment for outdoor sports.

The development of the green area furnishings involves the creation of the literary park inspired by fantasy characters (Henry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.). The purpose, as illustrated in the attached project, is to create:

  • Meeting spaces for sport facilities
  • Daily spaces for the community (youth, sport associations)
  • Spaces for events (sport tournament, literature, cosplayers, LARP, illustrations and comics, historical reenactment)
  • Space for school projects
  • Spaces for recreational activities
  • Spaces for film events, music, theater.

The literary element characterizes the park. The paths are named after famous people, the benches will contain images inspired by these novels, and some steps are shown in the billboards placed in different places of the park.

  • What activities were implemented?
  1. Historical medieval fencing lesson to develop this sport for a wider arena. Bringing people closer to the sport of fencing to develop motor skills, but also coordination and precision.
  2. Tables with role-playing games that are based on healthy lifestyle and sport activities at any age.
  3. Open lesson and Frisbee tournament.  A special focus on sports for people with disabilities. The team of disabled children will also be present as well as a representation of the children who will participate in the world championships.
  4. Fighting fencing and lightsabers: How sports and tv saga can be linked together to promote sport.
  5. Fantasy-themed creative workshop by the Birba stationery shop in Trebbo di Reno that mixes play and jogging
  6. Dance performances by the Dance School «Progetto Danza» to promote dance for all.
  7. Start-up session of the Orienteering sport discipline and an Orienteering run competition in the Park.
  8. Women’s Football by Progresso Calico, a demonstration on how women can be leaders in some sport fields such as soccer. An opportunity to try to play soccer with champions to promote gender equality in sport activities.
  9. Approach games to ethological horse riding, role play and theatrical improvisation. The importance of equestrian sport for health. The value of pet therapy. The promotion of horse riding through sagas that attract both young and adults.
  10. Bicycle ride organized by the Pedalalenta Association.
  11. Walk in the park. A path dedicated to runners has been set up in the Park.

Evening program of the Arena Area:

16.00/17.00 Elisa Zanchetta presents Kalevala. Tolkien and Finnish mythology

17.00/17.50 Bilingual fantasy readings in English and Italian

17.55/18.30 Read Read reading for children about dragons

18.30/19.00 Presentation, return and project naming + Ribbon cutting by the Mayor

19.00/20.00 Nicola Lucchi presents Daniel Ghost and wandering souls

20.00/20.30 Meeting with the author Saguatti

20.45/21.30 Harry Potter family and children’s show


  • What were the methods and instruments used for accomplishing your goals and tasks?

A participatory process with citizens was initiated in 2022. Through a series of meetings, the project was defined and thanks to the Proloco, the Consulta frazionale and a number of local associations, it was possible to define a plan of activities and a program dedicated to the whole day of the initiative.

The goal of the course was the involvement of the community of the hamlet of Trebbo di Reno in the development of a set of planning actions for the improvement of the environmental and social sustainability of the territory which envisaged the collaboration of the subjects of the hamlet in their implementation. With the path we wanted to start a transversal action that involved the various sectors of the institution in providing the municipality with a participatory management model of the processes of sustainable territorial development that can be exported to the other fractions of the Municipality of Castel Maggiore.

The administrative procedure connected to the path is the definition of a bottom-up sustainable development strategy for the fraction (in the context of existing planning tools) and the development of a model of planning and collaborative implementation of sustainable development strategies and actions in small urbanized contexts. The path was placed upstream of the decision-making process.

The process started with the establishment of the negotiation table and ended with the sending of the DocPP to the Guarantee Technician. From the early stages, the process has attracted great interest from the entire community of Trebbo di Reno, whose proactive and collaborative involvement has led to the identification of 15 areas from which 9 experimental proposals have been created (which in some cases have condensed multiple themes in a single action), civic projects that differ in theme, degree of complexity and level of maturity.

To move on to the practical part, of implementing the ideas, a verification by the offices and an internal evaluation of the priorities became necessary. Some trials, in fact, required in-depth analysis and an unconventional technical analysis with the procedures of the public administration, checks that required more time than the timing of the process estimated in the application phase.


  • What were the main results and outcomes of the pilot action?

The participation of the public was large, thanks to the institutional communication of the Municipality, the ProLoco and the Consulta di Trebbo. Having activated a participation process upstream even before defining the destination of the park and the definition of the event, ensured that the citizens and the associations involved were the co-producers of the initiative.

The chosen activities, having been the fruit of consultation and co-creation with all the partners involved, ensured interest and large participation.

The desire to include sports activities with cultural activities was very successful, guaranteeing the participation of sportsmen of all ages with people and young people who are not sports lovers. Using themes used in TV and movie sagas, as well as role-playing games to introduce the public to outdoor activity and sports, it worked. Children and adults have played and have approached the sport of fencing (linked to the Game of Thrones), volleyball (inspired by the myth of Harry Potter), as well as running and horse riding to emulate role-playing games and video games. Playing sports while having fun, but followed by specialized coaches has guaranteed an approach to sporting activity in complete safety. The sports associations that intervened will continue to co-organize events in the park also in the future, promoting the activities they deal with.

Women’s football attracted a lot of interest, especially from women and girls who have been able to watch champions and get closer to the game of football.

Also, the attention placed on disabilities and the organization of an activity such as playing frisbee made it possible to promote physical exercise to anyone and to organize a small tournament to understand the role of healthy competition in sport. Furthermore, including multiple possibilities suitable for all tastes, has allowed many families to participate in the event, who have found something to do in the Park.

Dance and music were the most successful activities, making many people dance, including the little ones.

The involvement of actors and writers made it possible to guarantee performances of different genres in the cultural Arena space dedicated to these activities in the Trebbo Park, while at the same time friends and relatives practiced sports or outdoor games. This multi-activity proposal managed to satisfy everyone and keep participation high for the entire duration of the event, until the evening.